Sculpting & commissions

This section describes the commissioning process, and the terms and conditions of commissioning a mini.

If you would like to commission a miniature, I would firstly like to see some sketches or other artwork of the figure, to know what the final sculpt is supposed to look like. This is not necessary, however it helps getting a good understanding of the sculpt. In case you don?t have any artwork available, the miniature?s desired appearance and details can simply be described and discussed. In some cases I can come up with the concept myself, and the commissioner is always informed of the details.


On the basis of that I come up with the pricing and the timeframes to carry out the sculpt. I start working after receiving a 50% prepayment. During the course of the project, WIP (work in progress) pictures are sent to the commissioner to demonstrate the progress of the project, and to implement some slight changes if desired.


The price of commissioning a mini is set individually for every project. It is hard to give specific pricing details because there are too many factors which affect it, including the size of the mini, detail level, materials used, artistic involvement and so on. If you would like to get a quotation for a particular sculpt, contact me using the Quotes / Contact Form.


The timeframes of carrying out a sculpt depend mainly on the amount of
commission workload I have at a particular time. Usually, it takes about 1-2 weeks to get the mini done, but the time can vary, depending on the same factors as mentioned above.


The items are shipped globally via priority airmail, or via any selected courier if preferred. All items are solidly packaged to avoid any damage during shipping. Shipping insurance can be purchased upon request.